I have been incredibly fortunate in my career; I’ve worked with awesome, supportive people every step of the way.  Here’s what some of them have to say about working with me…

Cindy is one of the brightest and most driven individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  Her intellectual curiosity is a valued asset in any organization.  She’s not afraid to ask the hard questions in an effort to get to the bottom of any issue.  She has the unique ability to combine her finance background and overall business knowledge to attack real strategic problems.  In addition to her problem solving skills her strong communication skills truly set her apart.  It’s these skills that helped her to ascend to be one of the key members of my team at Allstate in a very short period of time.

– Chris Thurman, VP, Finance Planning and Analysis, CNA Insurance

Cindy and I worked together during her tenure at Allstate Insurance; she had the responsibility of leading half of our regional finance department.  Cindy brought a high level of financial acumen, work ethic, and passion to every interaction, and was well-respected by our senior leadership team, her peers, and the people she led.  Cindy’s creative and energetic approach to her work and her people enabled us to take innovative approaches with our clients and helped us to raise our employees’ performance to the next level.  She was a valued member of my leadership team, and a trusted friend as well.

– Patrick Macellaro, State Manager, Allstate Insurance Company

Not only is Cindy an exceptional analyst, but she is also a great team member. Her professionalism and style made every encounter both productive and enjoyable. I worked with Cindy on a variety of projects across industries and in an environment with competing agendas and priorities. She managed challenging personalities and time constraints without ever compromising her commitment to quality and professionalism. She is structured, organized, and a great communicator. Her natural curiosity and keen sense of business make her a quick study and capable of contributions well beyond financial analysis.

– Jamie Roeling,  Partner, 3G Consulting

I have worked with Cindy in two different capacities.  The first was at the JPMorgan Private Bank in Austin.  Cindy was an administrative assistant at the time.  She was a fine employee and was conscientious of the work she generated.  It was evident, however, that this was not the highest and best use of Cindy’s demonstrated talents.  Those talents, along with her initiative, resulted in her acceptance into the MBA program at UT-Austin.  After she obtained her MBA, and after several years with Allstate Insurance Company, it was my good fortune to hire Cindy as a Credit Analyst at a community bank in Austin.  She demonstrated excellent analytical skills and produced quality presentations.  She wasn’t afraid to think outside the box to find innovative solutions for clients.  And, she was highly regarded in the bank, admired by her co-workers for her professionalism and her work ethic.  All of these attributes give me great confidence that Cindy will be successful in whatever endeavor she chooses.

– Tommy Clark, Austin Banker