05 Feb

Withstanding the Pressure of Time, and Our Nervous System

Last night at Be The Change, we worked through the Kriya to Withstand the Pressure of Time.  Most of us can relate to feeling the pressure of time – it’s a hallmark of the age in which we live.  The devices that we carry around with us allow us to be contacted at any hour of the day; feeding us information, making demands on us, and entertaining us.  It can be tough to find even a moment of downtime.




Yogi Bhajan recognized that this would be our primary struggle in the Aquarian Age.  In fact, one of his five sutras for the age is, ‘When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.’  Last night’s kriya addresses that pressure by tuning up the nervous system.


For those of us who are feeling a bit removed from our high school science classes (me, too!), perhaps a review of the nervous system is in order…


The nervous system consists of our brain and spinal cord (the Central Nervous System, or control center) and the cranial and spinal nerves that run throughout our bodies (the Peripheral Nervous System, or the communication lines).  The whole system is designed to relay messages throughout the body – telling our feet to move when we walk, telling our eyes to close when we look into the sun, telling our hearts to beat every minute of the day (hopefully!).  It relays messages to our skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscles, as well as our glands – parts of our bodies that “work” when we’re thinking and when we’re not.


Here’s a helpful diagram of the system:


The Central Nervous System



So what does the nervous system have to do with feeling like there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it?  The nervous system is the human body’s communication system – sort of like (a lot of) telephone lines that tell our bodies how to react to stimuli.  This includes our fight or flight response, a physical reaction that should get triggered when we’re facing the jaws of a lion in the jungle, or an oncoming bus on the street – but one that often goes off when we’re worried that we won’t get tomorrow’s PowerPoint presentation done on time.  In our current age, our bodies tend to overreact to unfamiliar stimuli, producing stress responses that can have serious physical consequences.


The Kriya to Withstand the Pressure of Time helps us to tune up this system on a physical level by challenging muscles throughout the body and encouraging stamina.  On a more spiritual level, and through our meditation practice, we can create balance by bringing ourselves back to the present moment (the only moment that we have), and listening to the inner teacher.  Often, stress comes from feeling like we need to go out and get something that we don’t have.  Yogi Bhajan would remind us that the key to our success is to be still and allow things to come to us.


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