30 Apr

Notes on the Affordable Care Act (which have nothing to do with my trip to Europe)

For whatever reason, even without the May 1 holiday, I have been doing more mundane, home-life things here in Paris, like grocery shopping, sleeping in, and reading email.  I almost turned on the TV last night.  Maybe it’s the switch from pension to flat, maybe it’s just that my energy for the constant sight-seeing of travel is waning.  In any case, I took some time this morning to catch up on my Sandy Leeds reading, and his piece on the Affordable Care Act made me want to share.

Sandy was one of my favorite instructors at UT, and I read his blog because I think he does an excellent job of finding and summarizing the most relevant economic articles of the day, and making hard-to-digest concepts very palatable (ha, now you know I’m in Paris).  I also agree with his politics, which tend toward socially-liberal ideas supported by well-reasoned economic analysis (and a hearty frustration with partisanship).

I’m sharing the article for the same reasons I like Sandy’s writing in general – it’s an overview of what the Act entails, and a simple analysis of its pros and cons, along with thoughts that support my own frustration with the attitude about it in America (is the attitude still the same as it was a month ago?  I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit out of the loop, see my last few blog posts.)

Beyond the deplorable state of health care for the poor in this country, I also find this issue particularly important as an entrepreneur.  Take a moment to think of how many smart, capable people would make different choices about how they contribute in the world if they weren’t tied to their employers by a need for health insurance.

Pardon the interruption – this is neither a finance nor political blog – we will return to macarons and monuments tomorrow…