26 Apr

Granada – The Alhambra

I have not had much time for writing this week – my days in Barcelona are flying by!  I have a lot that I want to say about my time in Granada, but I think the pictures of the Alhambra can stand on their own without much commentary.

I went early on Saturday – the air was crisp and the sun was shining.  I am reading a novel that takes place in Spain, and at one point, the narrator travels to Granada and makes the comment that he’s the only American in history to visit the city and not see the Alhambra.  Point being, it’s what people do there.  Yes, it was crowded, but there were plenty of quiet corners where one could just take in the space and reflect.  Also – and this was by far my favorite part of seeing this site – water runs through every part of it.  Flowing down little channels on the sides of the streets, rushing from unexpected waterfalls, pouring out of constantly-running fountains, trickling down stairway banisters.

The first picture is one that I shot from the Albaicin the night before my visit; the rest are from the site itself.





View of the Albaicin


Charles V Palace






Palacios Nazaries





Patio de los Leones – under renovation


This is a ceiling in the Palace.



Washington Irving wrote “Tales of the Alhambra” in this room.



More views of the Albaicin








The Alhambra view from my hostal