14 Jun

San Jose

Wow.  This move is still a bit surreal.  I can’t say I ever pictured myself as a California girl.  For reasons that seem to require a long explanation, though, here I am.  And now that I’m here, well, I’m starting to get it.  I’ve moved into a sweet little neighborhood filled with cozy old houses, well-tended gardens, and dog lovers.  The weather is fine and the people are friendly.  And it feels like a very fresh start.

I promised my mom some photos, so…




One of my neighbors has a very funky, all-cactus garden…


…complete with notations on the names of plants…


… and some not-so-native critters.


Most of the gardens look more like this:






(I haven’t seen any bears yet, but this lawn has some awesome grapevines.)






There are palm trees, though not as many as you might expect.




I know this is a pile of yard trash.  I am amused by the presence of two perfectly edible lemons in the heap.  I also found about 10 avocados on the sidewalk up the block, and if they hadn’t each been nibbled on by the neighborhood blackbirds, I would have taken them home with me.




Bagel took his first trip on an airplane (by himself!), and he arrived without incident.  He’s a world traveler now.  (I can tell he wants me to keep those stickers on, because they make him look like a badass.)


At this point, he’s pretty much settled in.




3 thoughts on “San Jose

  1. All the recent squam talk on blogs had me thinking of you. Looks like lots has changed. Hope you are well and settling into your new life.

  2. Please tell me that black car in the second picture is yours… and that you don’t want it… and that you’re going to ship it to Chicago. :)

    Good luck in CA – keep posting here!

    • Ha! Alas, no, Pat – I can’t claim any of the awesome old cars in my neighborhood. I tell myself they are all just endless buckets of maintenance costs, and so it is better that I’m just admiring them from afar anyway ;)

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