06 Jan

I can’t resist putting in a plug for the long-form article. Long live the printed page!

My favorite part of Caitlin Flanagan’s book review of  Joan Didion’s Blue Nights, in this month’s issue of The Atlantic:

I don’t like writers.  I like Carly Simon and Elton John and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  I like getting out of Berkeley altogether, driving through the Caldecott Tunnel and going to the Sunvalley Mall, where they have a food court, a movie theater, birds in cages, a Macy’s, a J. C. Penney, and a Sears.  I am trying to make a life very different from the one I’m growing up in, which is filled with intellectuals and writers and passionate ideas about long-dead people.  I’m growing up with people who take a dim view of America (many who come to dinner parties at our house hate America), but I love America, a place whose principal values and delights are on display at the Sunvalley Mall.‘  (Flanagan, Caitlin.  “The Autumn of Joan Didion.”  The Atlantic Jan/Feb 2012: 95-106.  Print.)

Oh, to grow up in a house like Caitlin’s.

Gin and magazines, the best kind of Thursday night.