08 Jan

Some women who didn’t give up on writing today (unlike some people)

I am tired, and not drunk but a little tipsy, and still a wee bit grouchy from my Day of Yoga (it’s one of my teacher training weekends, perhaps I will say more about that on another day), so rather than bore you with my I-don’t-have-anything-interesting-to-write-about, perhaps I can direct you to some way better content, and we can both walk away winners.  Deal?

With that, here are my all-time favorite people on the web:

Andrea Scher (SO much inspiration)

Maggie Mason (I think she invented the internet.  Also, life list.)

AB Chao (Decorator extraordinaire, and the woman who said the thing about the bong water.  You decide what’s better.)

Kelly Rae Roberts (creativity and biz sense)

Brene Brown (… especially for the perfectionists out there.  Ahem.  Not that I’d know anything about that.)

Mimi Smartypants (Ha.  Hahahahahaha)

Jen Lee (A writing retreat with Jen almost two years ago just totally changed things for me.)

I hope that counts as a post.  Valuable?  (Ha.  Probably the most valuable thing I’ve written so far.)  Whew.  See you tomorrow.