07 Jan

Snow Day

Can I tell you one of my favorite things about the contract work I do?  Don’t be jealous.  You know how you have downtime at work?  I mean, not like the times when you’re in some kind of slow season, and you feel like you can finally catch your breath and tackle some of the chores that have been on the back burner for a while.  I mean down time.  Like, a power outage or a computer that just went blue screen on you.  If you work in finance, for example, you know there’s always going to be a day – sometime right in the middle of your budget cycle, when you’re really crunching to get things done – when the planning system breaks.  Templates won’t save, models won’t calculate, whatever.  You’re stuck.  And it’s not something that you can fix, rather, you have to wait around for someone who works for the planning software company, or a tech in your own office, to get around to fixing it.  So you wait.  Sometimes there is thumb-twiddling.  By several team members.

Do you know what I do when this happens?  I go home.  Win for my client (she’s not paying me to sit around and wait), win for me (unexpected free time, plus I’m not sitting around and waiting).  It’s like a snow day.

So, as far as weather goes, there certainly wasn’t any snow on the ground – it was almost 70 degrees and sunny around these parts (which made it the BEST SNOW DAY EVER).  But for those of you who hail from a wintry climate, you know what I mean.  I thought I was going to be at work today, so it’s not like I made any other plans (chores, to-do lists, commitments)… and all of a sudden, there’s just this free stretch of time, with which I can do anything I want.

And it was glorious.  I ran a quick errand (returning shoes that I totally did not need, which meant it was also like I was getting paid for the afternoon), then spent the rest of my day doing the raking and hedge-trimming that I haven’t been able to bring myself to tackle for months now.  And that may sound like a to-do list, but here’s the thing.  It was the most beautiful day.  I was already out and about, and planning on working (so there wasn’t that weekend-y temptation to stay in PJs and read).  And I have so wanted to clean up that yard.  At the end of the day, I felt refreshed, rewarded, and a little bit sunburned.

Tomorrow, I’ll start early to make up for the downtime.