25 Jan

Embroidered Note Card

Did you know that you can embroider paper?  Why yes, you can:

Orange card with yellow embroidery

It’s my grandma’s birthday this week, so I took 20 minutes out of my Friday afternoon to dress up her card.  (20 minutes, people!  Grandma is worth it.)

Orange card with text and embroidery

I feel like you can kind of tell that this is a first try, but I think Grandma will still appreciate it.  I’m not gonna lie – those french knots in the center were tricky (and that’s why I went for the more paper-friendly “specks” when I added the pink around the outside).  Jenny Hart does a nice tutorial using embroidery transfers, but don’t feel like you need something fancy to get started.  I made a light pencil trace of a nickel to get a good circle and just lined up the points of my lazy daisy with that!

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