04 Dec

Weekend Update

Over the past few weeks, I have been working a different creative muscle (wow, that could be taken in the completely wrong direction) (ahem), which has kept me a bit removed from Retreat.  (On a side note, my friend, Spike, suggested that my choice in business name is having the unfortunate subliminal effect of literally causing me to retreat.  She offered up Sally Forth as an alternative.  She may have a point.)  I certainly don’t want you, dear readers, to think I’ve forgotten you, though, so let me provide you with a brief update.

Retreat Austin is alive and well, albeit in a state of… incubation, shall we say?  I’ve taken a little break from the full-on, what-is-my-true-purpose-and-how-will-this-all-happen search to let some of those ideas breathe and see which ones hang on without my intense, control-freak-y life support.  I am a bit amazed at the results.

I’ve set a goal to have some really clear information on my business out in the world by January 1st, and that information will certainly be accessible here.  Please (please) stay tuned.  That’s not to say that I’m signing off until the end of the year, but sparse and infrequent posts will likely be the norm.

I should also say, in all honesty… it’s feeling a lot like the week before finals around here.  As in: the house is clean, all of the dishes are washed, laundry is in the dryer, files are organized, and I’m thinking of driving to Office Max to get those pens that I really need.  Anything to avoid the important things, work to build my business and writing to feed my soul.  That’s okay, I know, it’s all okay in the end, it’s just funny to me that this is always how it seems to work.  Oh well, the house needs to be cleaned from time to time anyway.