08 Sep

Time for the important things

‘… the good news is that creative expression, whether that means writing, dancing, bird-watching, or cooking, can give a person almost everything that he or she has been searching for…’
Lamott, Anne. “Time lost and found.” _Sunset_. April 2010. Web.

I read this article yesterday afternoon on recommendation from my friend and coach, Rachel Cole. I know that you can find someone just about every day who wants to tell you about the value of this moment. And yet, I so often fear that no one is listening.

A big part – a VERY big part – of my inspiration for starting Retreat lies in the (ever elusive) cell phone free space. I will spare you my rant, since most of my readers at this point are surely close friends who can’t bear another dose of Here’s Why Cindy Hates Facebook, but I want to tell you: Anne Lamott’s essay gave me comfort. And so I share it with you, in the hope that one more person will listen.

Here’s the gist: finding contentment is really quite simple. It’s there within you, in your ability to create, in your ability to connect – with others, with nature, with yourself. Simple but not easy. The hard part (or so we believe) is finding the time to do it.  On this point, she says,

This means you have to grasp that your manic forms of connectivity – cell phone, email, text, Twitter – steal most chances of lasting connection or amazement.

Yes! Take five minutes to examine the past week of your life. When did you feel most alive? When did you feel like you were part of something? And did you have a smartphone in your hand at the time?