06 Sep

Okay, no more excuses.

It is Tuesday, September 6, the day after Labor Day. And so begins a new season. Everybody knows that the “new year” doesn’t really start on January 1 (right?). It starts that morning when you get up early for the first time in a long time, put on your new jeans (90 degree weather be damned), struggle with your new haircut, and head out to the bus stop.

And so, with that spark of back-to-school excitement in the air, I am getting up early, putting on a clean pair of pants, and getting to work. I’m starting my 40-day yoga challenge, and along with that, my 40-day (no) alcohol challenge and (what the heck) my 40-day (no) caffeine challenge. Feels like New Year’s, doesn’t it?

I’m ready. I’ve had a long, beautiful summer of resting, connecting, dreaming, and figuring things out. And now it’s time to switch gears and turn those dreams into something real. It’s not about the new year’s resolutions – those are commitments that help me mark my January 1st and get things off to a healthy start, but they’re not the real story. What it is about is creating a plan for my business, getting the word out, and making this Retreat right here in your own hometown happen.