09 Aug

On the importance of retreat

It’s been quite a while since I’ve said anything over here. Not because I’ve lost interest, or even motivation – but rather, I think I’ve needed a fair amount of time to let this idea… oh, gosh, I hate to say marinate, but is there any better word? It’s needed to sit, and soak things in, and become something better.

In any case, I’m getting ready to put more out here on a regular basis, and I’ve been putting it off these past few weeks because I hate to announce that I’m getting started only to sputter out after a couple of posts and disappear again. I read something this morning that kicked me into gear, though. And it’s too good (and too relevant) to park it over at delicious and promise that I’ll write about it later.
Tara Sophia Mohr wrote this week about her time away on retreat – you can read the post here. I’m new to her writing, but she’s come along at precisely the right time for me (and doesn’t everything?). I’ll say more about this in the near future, but for now… read her words, and let me know what you think.