28 Mar

Job Suckage, Days 1 & 2

(Obviously, we’re using “day” loosely here.) I did actually get started on the Challenge in January; I got my perfect day down on paper. I don’t mind sayin’: it felt good just to get that part nailed down, and to tell you the truth, the calm that came out of getting some clarity on what’s really important to me was probably what stopped me from moving on to the next step. The worry didn’t seem so urgent after that.

Still, I would like to move on to actually bringing that life into existence, plus at this point the calm has completely evaporated and left in its place the awful and entirely irrational worry that oh my god this is all there is and I’m going to be doing this for the rest of my life if I don’t head into my boss’s office and quit right this minute.

Right. So. I’m leaving off the story, for now at least. It’s a good one, but rather long, and probably something I would post if I could figure out how to do that thing with your webpage where you can truncate the entries to, like, five lines and people can click to Read More… if they’re really that enthralled with the perfect day of a total stranger. For now, I’m keeping it to my prioritized list of 10 qualities or feelings that stand out from my perfect day.

On this day, I feel or have:
1. well-rested and healthy.
2. balance: enough time to write, cook, work out, plus some social/family time.
3. engaged: I’m interested in what I do for a living.
4. valued.
5. clear goals or intentions.
6. energized.
7. tired at the end. (I know, sort of in contrast to feeling energized. It’s a good tired, though – that feeling of having worked really hard and accomplished something that has meaning.)
8. little stress.
9. respected.
10. successful. (And… what does that mean? Still workin’ on it…)

This post started out on a different site, but in an effort to get more of my writing in one place, I moved it to cindyscovel.com in January 2012.