23 Mar

Job Suckage

Did I give up on the Stop the Job Suckage Challenge? Me? How could I have forgotten about this? How on earth could I have forgotten, sitting here, as I am, armpit deep in the suck? (Today has been a particularly wallow-ful day; I’m certain that’s what drew me back to the Challenge, and what got me back over here to take some action.)

Here’s what happened: I took a vacation at the end of January. I knew I’d have a fair amount of quiet time, time to sit in the sun in my most favoritest of all places (home, after all), and get really clear on where I was going to go next. And I did – I sat in the sun and wrote out my perfect day. And after that, the safety and comfort and sunshine of this place made its way into my heart and my bones, and I didn’t feel so upset about things anymore. And then I forgot about the Challenge.

How I didn’t remember immediately upon returning, I don’t know. I think I spent February thinking I would need to pack up at a moment’s notice (having something to look forward to is such a powerful mood elevator). And over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been sinking and sinking, and now it feels like I’m in it deeper than ever. The Suck.

So! An assignment! Someplace to redirect this energy, and hopefully, get moving in the right direction. Dig out. So I’m three months late. No better time for a fresh start than spring, after all.

This post started out on a different site, but in an effort to get more of my writing in one place, I moved it to cindyscovel.com in January 2012.